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Colour your world: A beautiful bus stop in North Vancouver… July 22, 2014

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There and back again… July 19, 2014

Cates Park.jpgI haven’t checked-in during the last 18 days. So much has happened…

I have traveled 10,000 miles, climbed a mountain and lost a friend.

I finally understand that my roots are in Germany and my heart, that expansive-space-in-my-chest, will always be on the Pacific West Coast. And I realized that should we decide to move continents once again that this too will be okay.

I found out that getting my Canadian citizenship has changed from just being a mountain of paperwork to a cause close to my heart.

And spending all this soul-filling quality time with close friends in Vancouver and in Jena during the last few weeks has left me awed with gratitude for the wonderful people in my life.

Tomorrow I am off to a cleansing week, which is part of my yoga teacher training. I feel excited and raw. Mainly because so many emotions have been with me lately. However, I will have more time to sort through everything that has happened. Revisiting memories, feeling what comes up, finding the appropriate place for them.

Still catching my breath from traveling half-way around the world…

There and back again…





Colour your world: Snapdragon on my kitchen table July 1, 2014

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snapdragon on my kitchen table


Jena: Words on the Wall June 28, 2014

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These posters seem to be popping up all over the place. Here at this abandoned building. There on the bench in the park. What I love about them is that they have been placed with intention. Not randomly. To me they are the contemporary version to the Weimar: Words on the Wall project. This is my favorite next to this fountain. Spending time here, taking a break. Watching the kids play in the water. Enjoying the moment…


Day 7: Back on track… almost June 15, 2014

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Back on track.jpgIf I have learned one thing this week, it would be this… changing eating habits while being stressed and out of town is, well, was in my case unsuccessful.

I didn’t go full out. A couple of slices of cheese here, a cup of coffee there, a glass of wine to round it all off and so on, however, it did bug me a lot. However, I was hungry at the time and grateful that the caterer at the conference I attended was considerate enough to serve the sausages separate from the potato soup! But… drum roll… I dodged the desserts. And anyone who knows how much I love chocolate will appreciate the effort.

So what is next?! I will finally go back to yoga classes next week. I will finally tackle my paper work pile. And overall, vacation time is over, I need to stop procrastinating and get things sorted.

Last but not least, tomorrow I will also have to buy a different brand of toast. When I read the ingredients this morning, turns out there is lactic acid in my toast! Sigh…

Yes, I know I can bake my own bread. But really, at the moment, I don’t want to. So, off I go…



I am going places II June 11, 2014

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back on the beach.jpgClick click click with the heels of my ruby sandals and I am off. Suddenly standing on the beach. Close to sunset, wide blue sky, only a few people are walking along the shore. I take off my magic slippers and touch the cool sand with my bare toes. Then dig my feet in.

Pure joy.

I start walking with big strides. Just out of reach of the waves rolling in. The familiar sound of the water is music to my ears. It is so amazing to be here. To be back. To be home.

Zinnowitz Beach


Day 3: Living it up…. decaf with soya milk

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